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Bishop Berg wanted a way for all of us to pray with and for one another. As a result of that desire, we have created this page. This will be in every issue of
The Living Garden E-News.

Please note: for privacy reasons, we are only able to publish first  and last names for prayer intentions.
We cannot publish any further details.

Have someone that you'd like to add?

This week we humbly ask you to pray for the people below as well as those listed in previous issues of The Living Garden E-News:

Jean Dorenkamp

Donnie Leal

Ron Seybert

Marie Lupear

Marta Vita Reyes

Sharen Beal

Michael Guadagnoli

Terry Newman

Kim Romero

Kris Bolewicz

Michael Harman

Soul of John Chadil

Repose of Ruben Martinez

Repose of Alexander Hobson

Dean Hobson and Family

The Griffin family

The McCullough family

Chantel Price

Joan Burke

Dolores Cárdenas

Lidia Gómez

Rose Guerrero

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