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A Statement from the Bishops of Colorado on 2023 Colorado Abortion Legislation

April 14, 2023

Colorado Bishops Letter to the Faithful on 2023 Colorado Abortion Legislation

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Despite enacting the tragic Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) in 2022, which codified a

“fundamental right” to elective abortion for the full 40-weeks of pregnancy, today Governor Polis signed into law three more extreme abortion bills. One of these bills even removes a woman’s ability to choose life for her unborn child through Abortion Pill Reversal. By enacting SB 188, SB 189, and SB 190, Governor Polis and the near-veto-proof majority of pro-abortion lawmakers in the General Assembly are telling Coloradans that they prioritize abortion over life-affirming reproductive healthcare decisions for women, at the expense of the mother’s health and, even more grave, at the cost of countless children’s lives.

The three abortion bills codify into law the following things:

SB23-190 Prohibiting Deceptive Practices at Anti-Abortion Centers

• Eliminate a woman’s choice to sustain her pregnancy and save her child’s life through Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) by effectively banning the treatment;

• Restrict and censor the good work Pregnancy Resource Centers do for our community.

SB23-189 Increasing Access to Reproductive Health Care Services

• Circumvent Colorado’s constitutional prohibition against public funding of abortion by requiring insurance providers to cover the full cost of abortion;

• Increase access to contraception and abortion referrals to minors under 19 years of age and remove the parental notification requirement.

SB23-188 Protecting Health Care Patients, Providers, and Assistors

• Violate the First Amendment rights of medical professionals and medical centers/hospitals that do not provide abortion-related services or “gender-affirming care;”

• Violate the First Amendment rights of employers who do not provide abortion-related services or “gender-affirming care” in their insurance plan;

• Restrict legal action against Colorado from states with pro-life laws.

As SB 188, SB 189, and SB 190 quickly made their way through the legislature, there was a strong outcry against each bill. Thousands of Coloradans wrote to their lawmakers and hundreds testified against the bills— especially against SB 190, which was debated until midnight. Hundreds more rallied for life at the Capitol during a Spring snowstorm on the one-year anniversary of RHEA (April 4), organized by the growing Pro-Life Colorado coalition of over 36 pro-life organizations. Over 60 representatives from Pregnancy Resource Centers came to the Capitol from across Colorado to advocate for life and against the abortion bills for an inaugural Pregnancy Resource Center Day. They shared information on the compassionate care they offer their communities at no cost, including material items like diapers, clothing, and formula, counseling, and some even offer medical care. Pro-life lawmakers nobly fought against these bills on the House and Senate floors for many hours and through weekends. We are thankful for these courageous leaders and pro-life advocates.

Colorado Catholic Conference

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