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Be the Kindling

Have you ever gotten in an argument with someone who would not listen to what you were saying? No matter how much you discussed the topic or how good your reasons for your position, they were not open to even thinking about what you were saying, let alone changing their mind. Their minds and hearts were like stone, unchangeable and impenetrable.

In the previous post about the Eucharistic Revival, “We want to start a fire, not a program,” we ended with the question, “Now, what process can we use to get that fire started and to help it grow?” The answer is that this process begins with us, with you and me. If we want a Eucharistic Revival in our families, in our parishes, and in our diocese that sets each of these on fire with the love and mission of Jesus, we must start with ourselves. We must be the kindling that gets this fire going, not the stone that keeps the Lord from entering. We must each, individually, be open, like kindling, to receiving the spark that is waiting to light us on fire. We must be humble and recognize our need for revival and renewal. We must be near to Our Lord, allowing His love and mercy to transform our hearts.

Some ways in which we might become that kindling are by praying for a softening of our own hearts, entering into daily Mass and weekly adoration, and stepping out in faith when the Lord is asking us to. Let us pray especially for our priests, that through prayer, the sacraments, and monthly gatherings with other priests they would also be the kindling that starts a Eucharistic fire in our parishes.

How will you become the kindling for the fire?

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Dr. Seth Wright

Director of Missionary Discipleship

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