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Testimonies: Fruits of the Convocation - Post #14

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

But then we have to ask why that is. Why don’t people help? Do we need to be more approachable? Open to others?

I loved hearing the stories at the end which was evident The Holy Spirit was present. The ladies with similar dreams saying getting out of the way. The lady from Father Carlos’ church seeing the image of the mountain with blood pouring down simply saying bring the people to me and I will do the rest. We all of us make it so hard to talk about Jesus. We just need to keep it simple.

For me personally I did not get any ah-ha moments other than on the last day of great fullness, like an overwhelming emotion that I have never experienced. Before the convocation lots of stuff got in my way but I was determined to come for peace. God provided me peace and an experience that will stay with me a lifetime. I want to return every year.

The fruit of the convocation is the overwhelming feeling of thankfulness has stayed with me. Seeing all the priest in one room, all of you, your family Seth. Your children’s smile. Father Mathew just sitting with me sharing his story was real. The Bishop eating a meal with me, seeing him vulnerable. Seeing all was beautiful blessing for me. Also, my roommate I had not met but God placed us in the same room. As of today, we still converse. She is an introvert and I’m a total opposite.

As I’m writing this the word simple comes to my mind. We can’t all see or feel the fruit, but we must trust and have the ultimate faith of Jesus. We don’t have to have it all figured out let’s just start simply. Don’t know what all that means but I hope it sheds some Jesus light as you all are reading.

Tammy M., Sacred Heart, Fruita

Want to learn more about the amazing journey ahead? Visit the Diocese of Pueblo Eucharistic Revival and National Eucharistic Revival websites.

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