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Diocese of Pueblo Youth Encounter: Jesus at BCYC Encounter

The Benedictine College Youth Conference Encounter (BCYC Encounter) is an event for teenagers to come together for prayer, activities, and Catholic talks. The theme of this year’s conference was “This is My Body, Given up for You,” and 24 youth from Pueblo, Cañon City, Ignacio, and Cortez attended. All the speakers were on fire for the faith and wanted to share their testimony, tips, and advice. This conference encouraged teens to strive for holiness in a world that gives the opposite by offering them temporal goods.

I was invited by the pastor of Christ the King Parish, Rev. Carl Wertin, to join as a chaperone. The parish team made the trip fun and safe. Something special that I witnessed was how much teens yearn for fellowship and community. Especially when offered in youth conferences, they open instantly to the programs. Some of the highlights were discovering how amazing and talented the group of teens of the Diocese of Pueblo were when it came to sharing in group discussions. I would recommend every teen, young adult, and parent to participate because there is something for everyone to witness. I would make the trip again as a chaperone, but I know my brothers and sisters in Christ need to attend instead of me to have the same beautiful experience I had.

"I would recommend every teen, young adult, and parent to participate because there is something for everyone to witness."

I believe BCYC impacted the teens' faith as they experience different facets of the faith with the two-day program as it challenged them to see life with the light of faith. The teens liked St. Augustine's quote: "To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement." In our group discussion, they elaborated on the importance of having God in their lives and making it a commitment to keep searching for Him. On our last day, when we were traveling back from BCYC, I overheard a conversation that the teens were thrilled even though the trip took nine hours because that allowed them to familiarize themselves with one another. Furthermore, they elaborated that they would make the trip again by returning next year.

Note from Seth Wright: As we saw with the teens at BCYC Encounter, conferences and retreats can be great opportunities for people to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist. Daily Mass and a powerful evening of adoration accompanied by confession were key opportunities for encountering Jesus at the BCYC Encounter event. How can you or your parish invite people into these kinds of encounters or find opportunities for them to go to conferences or on retreat as part of the Eucharistic Revival?

Gabriel Urquiso, Seminarian

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