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Family Circle of Grace Mural Project

Approximately eight years ago, Saint Benedict embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from a traditional classroom model to establish a vibrant Discipleship Family Faith Formation Community.

Through the support and guidance of our pastor Father Stephen Injoalu we have the unwavering commitment from our Faith Formation team and our families, to cultivate a nurturing environment where faith is not only transmitted to the younger generation but also where mutual support and spiritual growth thrive among parents, grandparents and the entire faith community.

Together, we gather each Sunday, sharing in fellowship and communal morning snacks or meals before delving into age-appropriate catechesis within our family groups.

Notably, within the Parish Center, a Mural Wall showcases depictions from diverse Family Faith Formation gatherings, such as murals commemorating Advent and Pentecost. Recently, a Family Circle of Grace Mural project was initiated. Families were provided with materials from the Circle of Grace curriculum to prompt discussions on identifying and representing their individual Circles of Grace. This endeavor not only facilitated dialogue around the safe environment curriculum but also served as a platform for families to express their creativity, resulting in a meaningful and collaborative experience.

By Joyce Archuletta, Discipleship Faith Formation Coordinator, St. Benedict, Florence

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