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General Results from the Eucharistic Revival Parish Surveys

As part of the preparations for going more deeply into the Eucharistic Revival and to assist in their planning, the parishes of the Diocese of Pueblo were invited to survey their parishioners in October, November, and December of 2022 so that they could hear what their parishioners thought would be most helpful for them in renewing, reinvigorating, and reviving their Eucharistic Faith and would help them to become closer to Jesus in the Eucharist.

Altogether parishes received over 2,000 responses to this Eucharistic Revival Parish Survey.

The following were the most chosen responses for what would be “helpful” or “most helpful” for individual respondents for each of the following questions. In the cases where two responses are listed, the response listed first was the most chosen response in most parishes and the response listed second was the most common response in a few parishes and also made a good showing in the other parishes.

1. Which of the following devotions would you attend to get closer to Jesus?

Occasional Eucharistic adoration

2. What would help you learn more about the Eucharist?

A teaching Mass where everything is explained

3. What form of prayer would you like to learn more about?

2 responses

- How to make my participation in Mass a prayer

- How to meditate on Sacred Scripture (lectio divina)

4. What would help you enter more deeply into Mass?

Knowing what the prayers mean

5. What would help you take what you receive from Mass into your life and into reaching out to others with love and with the Good News of God’s love for them?

Help understanding what God has done in my life

6. Which of the following events would you attend?

2 responses

- a Parish Discernment Meeting to prayerfully discuss and discern with your pastor and fellow parishioners some specific next steps for creating deeper communion and spirituality as a parish

- a Deanery Eucharistic Gathering including prayer, Mass, discussion, inspiring presentations, adoration, a procession, and a family picnic

It is hoped that these results will be helpful for parishes as they discern their efforts for the Parish Year of the Eucharistic Revival. It is also hoped that the results and even the very process of collating the results for an individual parish will be helpful to that end, as well.

In looking at these results, note that Deanery Eucharistic Gatherings are being planned for each deanery of the Diocese for the Fall of 2023 and that these Deanery Eucharistic Gatherings will include an explanation of the Mass similar to a teaching Mass but without the actual celebration of Mass. Note also that the Diocesan Eucharistic Revival Team stands ready to facilitate a Parish Discernment Meeting in parishes upon request. To request such a session, pastors or their delegates should contact Dr. Seth Wright (

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Dr. Seth Wright

Director of Missionary Discipleship

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