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Laying the Foundation

What is the foundation of a True Eucharistic Revival? What more than anything else needs to be present for the Eucharistic Revival to have the effect that we hope it will have? We need Grace. We need Jesus to come to us and renew us. We need to encounter Him in the Eucharist, and we need for others to encounter Him there as well. We need a foundation of prayer which asks the Lord to give us these things, because we can’t provide them ourselves.

Let us begin to lay this foundation of prayer by simply praying for the Eucharistic Revival. Let us offer up our Masses and our hours of adoration; let us offer up our little pains and sufferings; let us pray daily for the Eucharistic Revival to bear abundant fruit in our lives, in our parishes, in our communities, and in our Diocese.

Let each of us include this thoughtful prayer in our regular spiritual devotions:

  • That I (you) will be transformed by the Eucharistic Revival, deepening my love for the Eucharist, experiencing the love and mercy of God, and being conformed to the likeness of Christ, my Savior

  • That all parishioners of my parish will encounter Jesus in profound ways and will commit to following Him with all that they are and all that they have

  • That my pastor and all of our clergy will be renewed in their Faith, will experience any healing that they need, and will lead us well into a True Eucharistic Revival

  • That our parishes will become what they are meant to be: places of profound encounter with Christ, sources of strength and inspiration for their members, and lights shining the love of Christ into their communities

  • That those in our community who have never encountered Jesus in the Eucharist will hear the Good News, will respond to the grace being offered to them, and will find the healing love of Jesus in our parishioners and in our parishes

  • That Bishop Stephen will be blessed and empowered by his encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist to guide our Diocese into True Eucharistic Revival and into a time of effective apostolic fervor

  • That, during this time of Eucharistic Revival, our Diocese will learn ever more what it means to be the Diocese of the Little Way

  • That this National Eucharistic Revival will equip the Church in the United States to more effectively share the love of Christ throughout our nation

Please pray for these intentions regularly. How often can you pray for them? How will you pray?

If you like, you can also visit to sign up as a prayer partner for the Eucharistic Revival.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Dr. Seth Wright

Director of Missionary Discipleship

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