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May: A Month of Many Blessings

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

In God’s plan of salvation, the mystery of the coming of Jesus in the Incarnation marks the beginning of the fullness of time. In this new creation, God is fashioned out of the living earth, that is, the entire being of his mother. The central role of Mary in engendering the mystery of the Annunciation is to ask, firstly, “How can this be?” This is the prelude to all of the questions surrounding the new covenant, then and today. After receiving her answer, Mary responds, “Yes, let it be done.” Thus, Mary asks and teaches the primary question and answer for salvation. The most fruitful activity of the human person is to be able—and willing—to receive God on his terms.

May is the month of Mary and, this year, the month of Pentecost. In fact, Mary’s answer to the Holy Spirit was the first, hidden Pentecost at Nazareth, the beginning of the fullness of time. Her role since the beginning, prepared and purified by centuries of expectation, was to make a home for the Christ on earth; to follow Jesus through the paschal sacrifice; to take on responsibility for the motherhood of his faithful; and finally, to be lifted, uncorrupted and divinized, to the throne of God in heaven. She waits quietly now by our side and whispers our future. She makes home for us here and calls us to our “next change of address,” our joy, our eternal destiny. Hail Mary, full of grace. . . .

"The most fruitful activity of the human person is to be able—and willing—to receive God on his terms."

May is the month of Mother’s Day. Like Jesus, we are fashioned out of the entire being of our mothers (fathers are important too, of course!). We live, in faith, joined with them into eternity. I just returned from visiting my mother, 97, alert and still encouraging her children onwards. Like Mary, our mothers give us our human condition, enliven our first hopes, accompany and grow with us on our journey. We see a special relationship of Jesus, child and mother nurtured in the reception of First Holy Communion, celebrated through the month of May. We pray for all mothers, present and past, and those who will be called into this beautiful vocation.

Finally, May is the month of our diocesan Eucharistic Congress, the revival of our diocese in the Liturgy, the Eucharist, the wellspring of our faith. It is beyond human understanding, infinitely wonderful and astounding, that the Word takes flesh through the synergy of the Holy Spirit in our Liturgy. Our Eucharist is the Living Water which leads to eternal life! Today we begin our Eucharistic Congress, with clergy, parish staff, and parishioners gathered from across the diocese into Pueblo. Let us join our prayers to Mary’s as she commanded the wedding servants at Cana, that our congress also hear her words: “Do whatever he tells you.” May we be attentive to the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst, and may we respond with a heartfelt “yes” to the will of God as it will be revealed.

+Most Reverend Stephen J. Berg

Bishop of Pueblo

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