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Novena for our Diocesan Eucharistic Congress

On May 1-3, delegations from each of the parishes in the Diocese will gather at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart to pray, discuss, and discern how they will enter more deeply into the Eucharistic Revival. This is not just a gathering. This is the Body of Christ coming together to implore Jesus to send His Holy Spirit to guide our efforts so that we might be built up and renewed and that the people of our parishes and communities might encounter the life-giving and healing love of Jesus in the Eucharist. Jesus wants to come to us. Jesus wants to heal us. Jesus wants to work powerfully in our lives and in our parishes. Let us pray, then, that this Diocesan Eucharistic Congress will bear the fruit that God is waiting to give to us.

I encourage you to pray a novena to the Holy Spirit (provided below) leading up to the Diocesan Eucharistic Congress for the following intentions:

Day 1 – April 22: for the members of the parish delegations to overcome any obstacles to their attendance and participation

Day 2 – April 23: for the members of the delegations to have hearts that are open to encountering Jesus in the liturgies, prayers, presentations, discussions, and discernment sessions of the Diocesan Congress

Day 3 – April 24: for the clergy to head their delegations with an openness to the action of the Holy Spirit in their midst

Day 4 – April 25: for the main speaker, Fr. Alejandro Lopez-Cardinale, to speak what the Holy Spirit would have him say

Day 5 – April 26: for Bishop Berg to recognize the movement of the Holy Spirit in the Diocese and to lead us ever more deeply into Eucharistic Revival

Day 6 – April 27: for protection from anything that would distort or stand in the way of the Diocesan Eucharistic Congress bearing the fruit that God would have it bear

Day 7 – April 28: for the main discernment session, that the Holy Spirit would guide each parish delegation into a greater understanding of what God is trying to accomplish in their parish during the Eucharistic Revival

Day 8 – April 29: for the parish delegations to return to their parishes renewed, excited, and invigorated in their ministry

Day 9 – April 30: for the Diocesan Eucharistic Congress to bear good fruit in the parishes, bringing the people of the parish and community into deeper contact with Jesus in the Eucharist.

Novena to the Holy Spirit

(pray this each day for nine days leading up to the Diocesan Eucharistic Congress – Start on April 22, end on April 30)

Christ Jesus, before ascending into heaven, You promised to send the Holy Spirit to Your apostles and disciples.

Grant that the same Spirit may perfect in our lives the work of Your grace and love.

Grant us the Spirit of Fear of the Lord that we may be filled with a loving reverence toward You.

the Spirit of Piety that we may find peace and fulfillment in the service of God while

serving others;

the Spirit of Fortitude that we may bear our cross with You and, with courage,

overcome the obstacles that interfere with our salvation;

the Spirit of Knowledge that we may know You and know ourselves and grow in


the Spirit of Understanding to enlighten our minds with the light of Your truth;

the Spirit of Counsel that we may choose the surest way of doing Your will, seeking

first the Kingdom;

Grant us the Spirit of Wisdom that we may aspire to the things that last forever;

Teach us to be Your faithful disciples and animate us in every way with Your Spirit.

Come, Holy Spirit, and guide the Eucharistic Congress of the Diocese of Pueblo according to Your will. Soften our hearts and open our hearts and minds to hear Your voice so that we may know the will of Our Lord Jesus for His Body in this place. Come, Holy Spirit!


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Dr. Seth Wright

Director of Missionary Discipleship

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