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October Thoughts and Prayers

As you read this, I am just concluding the 3-day Denver Bishops’ Conference on Evangelizing Dioceses, sponsored by the St. Paul Evangelization Society. Archbishop Samuel Aquila presided over this conference, where experiences of missionary evangelization were shared by bishops across the country. It has been enlightening to hear about the progress in bringing forward the importance of the Eucharist into the field of missionary discipleship. Our own Diocesan efforts in the Eucharistic Revival are on target and bearing fruit, as we are seeing in the Deanery Eucharistic Gatherings.

There is much going on in our diocese this week, and I wish to send out some reminders and requests for prayer. We are now at the midpoint of the fall 40 Days for Life. Through November 5 we are called to pray and fast for an end to abortion, and for the conversion of society to understand, acknowledge and uphold the rights of unborn children to be born and to thrive. So much of our prayers and efforts to promote a conversion of culture to fundamental human morality depend on your prayers and witness to the cause for Respect Life and the care of the family. If you can sign up and pray for one hour, or even twenty minutes per week, a life will be saved and conversion will take place Please remember to pray and act for Life!

Peace in the world. The horrific invasion of Israel, the continuing atrocities in Ukraine, and, according to the Geneva Academy, more than 45 armed conflicts currently taking place throughout the Middle East and Africa, call for prayer and penance. We pray for light, an end to violence, and peace in the world for all God’s children.

Eucharistic Revival. The Deanery Eucharistic Gatherings have been well received and are to be concluded this weekend in the La Junta Deanery. To date, more than 800 parishioners have stepped forward to deepen their love for the Eucharist through the four preceding Deanery gatherings. This generous response to the Holy Spirit is indeed a response to the needs of the world for prayer: prayers for Life, prayers for Peace, and prayers for our Diocese. Our efforts to know Jesus more deeply through the Eucharist are building a foundation which will grow the faith for our mission into the future. Our final Deanery gathering will be held this Saturday in La Junta Our Lady of Guadalupe/St. Patrick parish at 9am. Whether or not you have participated in the revival to this point, you are invited, you are welcome, and you will be renewed.

Groundbreaking for the New Monastery for the Poor Clares. At long last we will secure the corner stone of prayer for our Diocese this Sunday afternoon, October 15, 1 pm at St Joseph in Blende. Come, join me and our Poor Clare sisters for this momentous occasion, and let us prepare a place for them. For more information, please visit Through our unique privilege as God’s chosen Eucharistic people, we gather our gifts in the service of prayer to the world. Under the intercession of the saints of October, especially St Therese, St Francis, and Our Lady of the Rosary, may we grow ever closer to Jesus into the future.

+Most Reverend Stephen J. Berg

Bishop of Pueblo

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