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Our Lady of Guadalupe/St. Patrick Vocation Bible School

Last June 19 to 23, the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe/St. Patrick conducted a 'Bible Vacation School' program for the young people of the parish. For five days the young people were given the opportunity to be together in an atmosphere of fun and learning. They were given lectures on some stories in the Bible and were led to an experience of prayer especially Mass, Adoration and Rosary. The participants learned to mingle with one another - eat together, pray together, study together and play together. The very goal is to provide them the opportunity to spend part of their school vacation that will help them further develop their relationship with God and with others.

Thank you to Louise Rodriguez, our Religious Education coordinator. Thank you to all our teachers, facilitators, and volunteers. Thank you to all our kitchen staff and those in-charge of cleanliness and physical arrangement. Thank you to all the parents and guardians who supported the program. Thank you to all who financially contributed to the program. Thank you to all the young people who participated wholeheartedly. Thanks to the Parish Staff. Thanks be to God!

Our Lady of Guadalupe/St. Patrick - La Junta

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