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Our Journey Well Underway

Looking back over the past year, we see the work of the Holy Spirit in our parish communities as never before. Beginning with the invocation of the Holy Spirit upon the diocese two years ago at the Diocesan Convocation in Westcliffe, the Eucharistic Revival has borne fruit in unprecedented ways. The Deanery Eucharistic Gatherings held through the fall brought forth the presence and participation of more than 1100 parishioners and clergy. This is the work of the Holy Spirit and a sign of hope for our Diocese of The Little Way. We are being drawn into the missionary discipleship for which we have prayed and worked so fervently. The mission of Christ our savior, born, crucified and resurrected, is being renewed and amplified!

Through this fall we continue to prepare the next mission initiatives of the coming spring. This includes an amplification of the Eucharistic Revival through a 7-week process of Meeting Jesus: A Kerygmatic Walk-Through the Mass. This 7-week process will be attached to the Sunday Liturgies, by which we will be able to better understand, explain, and promote our supreme gift of the Eucharist.

"We are being drawn into the missionary discipleship for which we have prayed and worked so fervently."

I will be traveling this weekend to Baltimore to attend the November Plenary Assembly of the USCCB. Pray that the Holy Spirit give guidance to our church leadership so we may bring clarity and direction to the needs of our world. To be sure, these are confusing and difficult times, and we need your prayers.

Our diocese is responding to the call of Jesus and renewing our commitment to our Catholic faith through the Eucharistic Revival. May you and your families be blessed as our journey in the Holy Spirit is well underway and to be continued.

+Most Reverend Stephen J. Berg

Bishop of Pueblo

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