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Remain in Jesus

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Recently I have been blessed with some fruitful travel. Two weeks ago I visited Cortez for the state convention of the Catholic Daughters of America, celebrating Mass and installing their new state officers. This past weekend I travelled to Grand Junction where we celebrated the ordination of Williams Ospino, no longer a seminarian, now a transitional deacon preparing for ordination to the priesthood. It was good to see nature springing forth into profuse, green splendor throughout southern Colorado and to reflect on our work as a diocese in bringing forth the mission of Jesus.

I want to first of all thank the Catholic Daughters of America and all who work so hard for vocations! We are joyful to bring Williams one step closer towards priesthood! I also want to thank those who have been so faithful in maintaining the liturgical, catechetical and administrative rhythms through the past year. I hope there is a restful pause or vacation of some sort in your summer plans. Our Lord has brought us through some surprises and challenges this year. Take time to pray, reflect and be renewed. As we continue to turn more intentionally to following Jesus and helping others to do the same, there are many little opportunities ahead for conversion and evangelization. God will be with you! New insights will arise and new energy will be felt.

"God will be with you! New insights will arise and new energy will be felt."

Remain in Jesus! As he says, the Kingdom of God is something like a seed sown in the field which mysteriously grows as if on its own and then is suddenly ready for the harvest. Or, rather, the Kingdom of God is like the most insignificant mustard seed which surprisingly grows into a most enduring tree, bringing refuge and refreshment into the desert. Through these images we may pause and reflect on the small, yet powerful tools God has given us in order to grow more fervently into advancing the cause of His Kingdom.

"Remain in Jesus!"

This week I will be participating in the June USCCB meeting, held via Zoom conference. Please pray for our bishops, that we be open to the Holy Spirit in guiding our church through these times and into the future. Know of my prayers for you and your families as God continues to bless us and grow the harvest in the mission of Jesus!

Sincerely in Christ,

+Bishop Stephen J. Berg

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