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St. Therese Catholic School: What Catholic Education has meant to Aubry Darnell

Being in a catholic school for 11 years has taught me many things about who I am as a catholic. One of the best things about being in a catholic school is that I was able to express my faith and learn more about it without any judgment. St. Therese has taught me that it doesn't matter what others think of you. The bible says, “But someone will say, ' You have faith, I have deeds, show me your faith without deeds and I will show you my faith by my deeds” James 2:18. This means you should not be afraid to express your faith because only your true faith will be shown by acts of obedience or works of righteousness. This is the main reason that St. Therese means so much to me. I was able to learn that it's ok to show your faith even if it's a simple prayer in public. “This is not a school with a cross over our door” (words of Mr.Vigil). St. Therese is not just a place where you go to learn and just see a cross in the rooms or in the hall. St. Therese is an environment where we go to mass once a week, we learn about our faith, we pray at least twice a day, and the students, staff, and parents are helping to spread the word of God. I can not express how much this school has meant to me because it means everything. I was able to grow in my faith everyday and help others grow in their faith. I don't think I would have grown in my faith as much as I did, if I had not attended a catholic school. Our school’s motto is “Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason” and I can tell you that St. Therese lives by these words everyday. You will not find a better school than St. Therese.

You can support Catholic Education in many ways:

1) Volunteer: At the school or every Wednesday night at Bingo. 2) Giving day: Join us for giving day on October 6th to raise money and support Catholic Education. 3) Back to School Night: On Wednesday August 9, we kick off the new school year with Back to School night.

Classes will start on August 16th for K-8th grade, with mass starting at 8 am.

Please join us as we welcome all kids back!

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