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Stained Glass Windows at The Halfway Mark

At Our Lady of The Assumption Catholic Church on Fifth Street in Westcliffe the stained glass window project continues towards completion. This week, at the halfway mark, panel number six has just been installed by the team led by Glass Master Douglas Bayer. The parish community is thankful to Douglas and those who assist him in this work: Steve Yackley, Jim Potyraj, Catherine Virden and Debbie Yackley.

Each of the panels represents one of the tribes of Israel and honors at the same time one of the original twelve Apostles. Panel number six features Naphtali at the top, the leader of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. He was a goat herder ergo the image of a goat. The middle of the panel presents the viewer with the mighty olive tree ubiquitous throughout the Mediterranean area for many centuries. A staple product not only as part of the middle eastern diet but greatly appreciated and extensively used for its medicinal values. It is also a transcendent symbol of spirituality and sacredness. Under the tree are two earthen jars containing Meshach, the very first pressing of oil from the olives. The finest oil. This special virgin oil is the oil used for each of the Sacraments of the Catholic Faith. At the bottom of the panel is the name of one of the twelve Apostles, Thomas, the one who doubted the Resurrection of Jesus until The Lord appeared and asked him to place his hand on the Blessed Wounds at which point Thomas fell on his knees and uttered his famous words: “My Lord and My God”.

Glory to God in the Highest. Peace on Earth.


First Printed December 15, 2023, Sangre de Cristo Sentinel newspaper, Westcliffe, Colorado. Permission to reprint granted with Sangre de Cristo Sentinel and author credits given.

To read how the project first got started, please visit

By Frederico Hernandez, Parishioner, Our Lady of Assumption, Westcliffe

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