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Testimonies: Fruits of the Convocation - Post #21

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I NEEDED to be there!

[The speaker’s] statement pertaining to us being exactly where we are meant to be at this exact time smacked me right between the eyes! It was as if the past two plus years of my life had been a jigsaw puzzle that the pieces had been put in a box, shaken up and dumped out in a big pile on the floor. Paco’s words brought the pieces into a picture that, I think, showed me that God had put me through some vigorous tests; some I came through ok and some I failed miserably. Paco’s words reminded me that I have a purpose and God doesn’t make mistakes. I had lost sight of that fact!

On the last evening of the Convocation I was praying and I perceived the Holy Spirit telling me to “get out of the way” and it became clear that I had gotten first in God’s way, which prevented Him from guiding me and I got in my own way in that I had stopped relying on God, which prevented me from listening. The scary part was I didn’t even realize it was happening until I realized that the evil one had sneaked in and had been dancing me all over the place.

Paco’s statement coupled with the Holy Spirit telling me to get out of the way turned me around and put me back on the right track.

So, since the Convocation, I got out of God’s way, booted satan back to Gehenna, got out of my own way and once again approach every day knowing I have a purpose and I just have to step aside, listen and let God guide me through whatever comes my way. I’m right where God wants me and every situation is an opportunity for me to do His work in some way. If I’m in the way, well… I don’t want to be in that scary, dark place again.

I’m trying to implement those two events into every day and every situation.

Ann S., St. Benedict, Florence

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