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Testimonies: Fruits of the Convocation - Post #4

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

1. What stands out about your experience at the Convocation?

Paco was fantastic. I loved his energy, experience, and passion for Christ and the Spirit. I thought the venue was great and really made it feel like a retreat, a place away from home that immersed us in the intention of strengthening ourselves with the spirit. It was great as an individual but also hopeful as a diocese to see all of your priests attend. It made me see the people of God gathered together, trying to find ways to better serve the Lord.

2. How did you see the Holy Spirit move at the Convocation?

It was easy to see in our speakers the Holy Spirit move especially when Paco was speaking, clearly, something that while thought out, or even said before, it was off script and allowed to the recent experiences of the Convocation and conversations with attendees to influence his words by use of the spirit. Also, in meeting in small groups (which was powerful) hearing the experience of the members of our diocese speaking in an intimate setting showed the power and courage the spirit can bring when called upon.

3. Was there a moment at the Convocation when a light went on and you started to see things differently?

My family asked Paco to pray over us, to see and call upon the holy spirit. It was powerful in the moment, something we attached ourselves to immediately. But as we left, it did not leave us. And we saw things differently in that we were open to having someone pray over us which we use to deem as "weirdly religious" however, nothing weird came of it. Rather our hearts changed and were further directed towards Christ.

4. What fruit has been borne from the Convocation in your life or in the way you share the love of Jesus with others?

We have looked deeper into how we can serve our Church. Also, how do we live a life of the spirit more often? As of now, Morning and evening prayers, Sunday church, and whenever we are in a pinch, we call upon God and look to our faith. However, we are left asking how can we venerate God in more moments of our lives. How can we work towards a life in which Christ is our family's central focal point, our orientation in the world, in which Christ becomes the bearing that all direction is through and from? I am so glad to have attended and have seen a profound deepening of faith in Christ and the spirit and a higher sense of trust in our church and diocese due to being able to participate with so many different people. To see the diversity represented by our diocese priests gave me an amazing feeling of just how big and widespread our faith is. It was a global convocation held by the dioceses of Pueblo. Truly remarkable.

Sean H., Sacred Heart, Paonia

Want to learn more about the amazing journey ahead? Visit the Diocese of Pueblo Eucharistic Revival and National Eucharistic Revival websites.

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