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Testimonies: Fruits of the Convocation - Post #13

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

As the convocation progressed, I found myself more interested with each new presentation.

In my own group, I saw each participant begin to have creative ideas for fostering the action of the Holy Spirit in their own lives and in the parish setting as well. For those who were employees, the desire for greater unity and harmony within the office setting through prayer and a deeper personal spirituality began to deepen as the convocation progressed.

I cannot pinpoint one exact moment. It was more like a slow revelation as the convocation progressed. Ideas from one presentation would begin a thought process for me. Then, in the next presentation (or even at mass during a homily) another thought would expand on previous ideas. Ultimately, I had several ideas that seemed to increase exponentially as each presentation, prayer time or mass occurred.

In our office, we have tried to initiate more prayer time. I have personally also tried to initiate ways to improve communication, harmony, and spirituality in the office, which is sometimes difficult to achieve.

It is certainly work, and it is a work in progress.

Richard A., Immaculate Heart of Mary, Grand Junction

Want to learn more about the amazing journey ahead? Visit the Diocese of Pueblo Eucharistic Revival and National Eucharistic Revival websites.

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