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Testimonies: Fruits of the Convocation - Post #16

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

What stands out about the convocation is how much hope and personal affirmation was received.

Even before the convocation began, we could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit already preparing hearts. The novenas prayed were instrumental.

Even the table I was assigned to was no mistake. I have craved for a priest to understand the charismatic gifts God has given to me for the community. The priest at my table just seemed to know and understand the things that happen to me and would randomly throughout the conference give me direction and advice. I’m teary right now in gratitude. I wouldn’t even have to say anything, and he would just look at me and say, “Do this when this happens.”

Every time we prayed the divine mercy prayer at the convocation, uncontrollable tears would start flowing on #8, #9 and #10….I think the Holy Spirit is grieving with us for those who have left and/or don’t believe in God.

The fruits have been amazing. We were inspired to ask Father Matt to come and offer our parishioners a chance to hear his convocation presentation. It, I believe aided in healing of wounds left over from the Covid because both diverse sides were together talking and sharing.

On Pentecost Sunday, we re-started a small prayer group meeting once again one time per week.

What we are experiencing and seeing in this new prayer group is how God is continuously bringing people into our lives that offer opportunities for evangelization. We have truly felt on fire with the Holy Spirit and stand amazed each week to hear each other’s testimonies.

Most recently for me is I witnessed the closest thing to conversion that I have ever seen. My houseguest (a guest of our guest) could not even say the word God four days before arriving at our house and for her to hear the words Holy Spirit were negative trigger words. It ends up she had been raised Catholic and not been back for years. I told her, if possible, not to rule out the Sacraments in her healing journey. I have a myriad array of small rocks I paint on from Lake Superior with spiritual messages to carry in a pocket. She chose a heart shaped one that said, “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. She also took a small spiral, the oldest sign of spirituality. She wrote to me after leaving and the Holy Spirit is doing mighty things in her. All glory and praise be to God!

Let us proceed to set the world on fire with love! PLEASE continue to encourage the church to rediscover and utilize the gifts of the Spirit!

Patty S., Our Lady of Assumption, Westcliffe

Want to learn more about the amazing journey ahead? Visit the Diocese of Pueblo Eucharistic Revival and National Eucharistic Revival websites.

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