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Testimonies: Fruits of the Convocation - Post #22

I was content being a Protestant, but with my Mom's conversion, I was suddenly introduced to the world of Catholicism. The richness of the Church was overwhelming and would take me many more years of study & prayer before I would officially become Catholic. But there was one belief that I was immediately able to grasp, and that was the belief that Jesus was truly present in the Tabernacle. While still a Protestant, I found myself gravitating towards Catholic Churches to pray on my lunch breaks, whenever I had serious questions, or needed to pour my heart out as an overwhelmed young adult. I met Jesus present in the Tabernacle long before I accepted His Church. As I spent more time with Him, he softened my heart to say "yes" to His Church, I thank God for the gift of Eucharistic Adoration.

Sarah N., Christ the King, Pueblo

Want to learn more about the amazing journey ahead? Visit the Diocese of Pueblo Eucharistic Revival and National Eucharistic Revival websites.

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