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Thankful and Grateful: San Ignacio’s 125th Patronal Celebrations

St. Ignatius Patronal Celebrations in Ignacio, Colorado, is one of the most beautiful and jubilant expressions of the Catholic Heritage in the area of the Four Corners. Rooted in a long-lasting Catholic identity and rich cultural heritage, the Tri-Ethnic community of St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish once again gathered from July 27th to 30th to witness the joy of the Gospel, being grateful for 125 years of Catholic presence and for our lives together here in Ignacio since 1898.

125 years of walking together, one cannot help but to reflect on the many blessings the Heavenly Father has bestowed on each one of our families and to ponder on the role of St. Ignatius of Loyola, our patron and protector, in all the good that has happened to us. San Ignacio’s Patronal Celebrations happens every year on the last full weekend of July, offering an opportunity for those who may be living on their own, or who are not able to get away that easy for a break, to spend some time around people to enjoy one another’s company through the religious celebrations of the parish or the food festival of the Town.

The Saturday’s San Ignacio Fiesta Parade was opened by the Parish’s car float representing our community being unified in the Lord was prepared by parishioners and the Theatine Fathers. The car floats and the parade were a true manifestation of catholicity, i.e., universality. Over two hundred people from all over the Four Corners, Catholics and non-Catholics, come together on this day to take a break and enjoy the colorful celebration filled with the enthusiasm and happiness distinctive of our community. Sunday’s solemn Mass was presided by Rev. Fr. Cesar Cayetano Arras, CR, last Theatine administrator and animated by Rev. Fr. Juan Miguel Tabares, CR, performing with the guitar and at the church organ proper bilingual music for the occasion. The homily reflected the principle and foundation of mankind, “to love and serve the Lord in all things,” and the importance of wisdom to discern between many goods and learn to choose the best for our humanization.

After the Eucharistic celebration, the Theatine Fathers formally thanked St. Ignatius community for their support and love over the last 117 years as they prepare to conclude their service and history in the Parish by returning its pastoral care to the Diocese of Pueblo due to personnel shortage. The celebrant also assured the people of Ignacio that the Diocese is in the process of appointing a new priest. The celebration concluded with the solemn blessing and with the people adjourning to the parish hall to conclude the festivities with a big dinner, live music and our annual raffle.

Rev. Rev. P. Cesar M. Arras, CR Theat, Pastor, Saint Ignatius of Loyola Parish, Ignacio

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