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We are Not Alone

Last May, we experienced the movement of the Holy Spirit in our Diocese. This could be seen in the Synodal consultations that were conducted and was felt in a powerful manner at the Convocation Speak, Lord: Your Servants are Listening! At that Convocation, through prayer together, worship together, time spent in one another’s company, and intentional listening to the Holy Spirit in small group discussions, we experienced the fact that we are not alone. The Holy Spirit is with us! Jesus is present with us in the Eucharist! And through Him, we are brought into communion with the Father who loves us and with one another! Knowing this deeply and walking in this reality changes us and how we approach the challenges of our times. This is not a time for despair, this is a time for renewed and reinvigorated hope. This is a time for True Eucharistic Revival which will tie us more firmly to Our Lord and send us out to share the Good News that we have found the one who makes all things new.

Since that Convocation, the Holy Spirit has continued to work in our midst and is again drawing us together in convocation. This year, that coming together will take the form of a Diocesan Eucharistic Congress, the first in our Diocese since 1958. We will come together to worship Our Lord, to partake in the Eucharist together, to be renewed by the graces of the Sacrament, and to listen to His Holy Spirit as we are guided deeper into the Eucharistic Revival. At the Congress, May 1-3, we will meditate upon and experience Finding Healing in the Eucharist, the theme of the Congress.

"The Holy Spirit is with us! Jesus is present with us in the Eucharist!"

I have invited parishes to send delegations to this Diocesan Eucharistic Congress to be formed for their work in bringing Eucharistic Revival to their parishes and their communities. Clergy have received this information and are gathering their teams. Preparation materials have been sent out.

If you are a member of a parish delegation, I look forward to seeing you at the Congress in Pueblo in May. Come ready to encounter the healing touch of Jesus and to be equipped and sent to relay that to your parish!

"Come ready to encounter the healing touch of Jesus and to be equipped and sent to relay that to your parish!"

If you are not a member of your parish delegation, your participation is just as crucial. Pray and sacrifice. Offer up your little deeds for your pastor, the members of your parish delegation, for the Congress, for me, and for a True Eucharistic Revival that takes the love, the mercy, and the healing that we find in Jesus to all in your parish, your community, and to all corners of our diocese! When the delegation returns, be ready to assist them as needed.

As we continue to prepare for the Diocesan Eucharistic Congress, let us remember that we are not orphans, that we are not alone. We have our God, and we have each other. We are better and stronger together, so let us pray that we may be all brought into one in Him, in Jesus, who has promised to remain with us even to the end of the age.

Come, Holy Spirit!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

St. Thérèse, pray for us!

Jesus, in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, have mercy upon us!

+Most Reverend Stephen J. Berg

Bishop of Pueblo

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