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Improved Communications and Responsible Coordination of Efforts

The Third of Five Diocesan Synodal Goals Leading to Our Eucharistic Revival:

We know that we live in a divided world. Around us, we see political polarization and division, we see societal upheaval, and we see and experience marginalization. In our diocese we are divided by distance, by culture, and by differing opinions on how to move forward. We see and recognize these differences, and, at the same time, we know that we were made for unity. We have been called to be the Body of Christ, brought into one in Him through the power of the Holy Spirit, united in the sacraments and in mission, bringing the light and communion of Christ to a dark and divided world. To this end, we heed the call that we heard in the Synodal process to improve communications and to move toward ever more responsible coordination of efforts.

We have improved our communication and are working to improve it more. Institutionally, we have streamlined our communications, we work to regularly update people through our channels of communication and continue to work to have the right people overseeing and implementing these efforts. Additionally, the Synodal process allowed us to engage in a dialogue with the people of the Diocese of Pueblo, listen to their thoughts and discerning the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. This will continue with the Eucharistic Revival as we move forward and adapt our efforts according to how the Holy Spirit has spoken through the Clergy Retreat, the people responding to the Parish Synodal Survey, and the parishioners involved in the Parish Listening Sessions. These efforts will now continue as we move into the Diocesan, Deanery, and Parish events of the Eucharistic Revival, and as a new Strategic Plan is discerned for the diocese.

"We have improved our communication and are looking to improve it more."

As we continue this process of improving communication and coordination of efforts, let us pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us to listen to one another, to identify how He is calling us into communion with one another, to discern how He wants to lead us into that communion through our pastoral efforts, and to have the humility to follow where He is guiding us. We pray that improved communication and coordination will lead to an increase in communion. Our Lady of Guadalupe, spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for us!

+Most Reverend Stephen J. Berg

Bishop of Pueblo

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