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The Power of Prayer: A Story of Healing for baby Samuel John

This letter was written by baby Samuel's grateful mom to all those who have praying for mom and baby, especially those at Immaculate Heart of Mary, Grand Junction.

Thank you all so much for all the prayers, and all the blessings and the anointing and the baptism. My baby Samuel John had a grade 3/4 brain hemorrhage (the worst IVH a baby can have) and it HEALED 100% to NORMAL as of yesterday. My baby kept stopping breathing and now he is keeping breathing as his lungs healed as of this Tuesday. The doctors could not believe it and they double-checked his MRI brain tests and it is definitely healed and definitely normal, and his lungs are definitely healed as the pulmonologist double-checked his lungs as well. The doctors said they have never seen this great of a result before and it is the best possible outcome on his brain test results. Samuel can’t get discharged yet because he is learning to eat by mouth now that his brain is healed and he can breathe. But there is HOPE that he will be discharged and healthy mentally and physically. He is eating very well by mouth so far! His future prognosis is very good as of yesterday. The doctors were so happy to tell me the great news yesterday. Please can you tell Father Selva and the other Judy of this great news! I hope we get to take our baby home soon - we have been 84 days in the NICU so far, and I was in the hospital with pregnancy complications since July, so I have been at St. Mary’s Hospital for a very long time. I am very grateful for all of your prayers and all of Father Selva’s help. I didn’t have to double check in my heart - I believed that Samuel John could be healed, and I just keep praying and lighting candles, and now I am praying that he will keep eating well and please get to come home with us soon.

Prayers and well wishes to mom and baby Samuel!

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