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Good Shepherd Sunday Collection

This weekend, April 20th  & 21st, our diocese will conduct our first-ever Good Shepherd Sunday collection. This collection will support Vocations in the Diocese of Pueblo. All funds received will go to the Seminary Burse Fund to defray the cost of education and formation for our seminarians. Currently, we are blessed with five young men who are studying for the priesthood. The average cost of seminary study is $50,000 per year per seminarian. I ask that you please support our seminarians as they prepare to answer God’s calling. We will have a second collection and separate envelopes that you may take with you to mail in if you choose or you may drop your gift in the collection plate during the second collection. Any checks, please make payable to the Catholic Foundation and put Good Shepherd Sunday or Seminary Burse, as the Foundation manages the Burse. Please know, 100% of your gift goes to the Seminary Burse and stays within our diocese.

For more information, please call the Catholic Foundation or the Vocations Office at


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