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Intercessions for the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation

As we move toward the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation, let us pray as a Diocese for the grace of God to help this Convocation to bear fruit in our parishes as we enter the Year of Mission of the Eucharistic Revival.  Please, pray for these intentions regularly in your personal prayer, and parishes should consider adding one of these intentions each week to the Prayers of the Faithful at their Sunday and Daily Masses.


Prayers for the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation

Heavenly Father, we know that you long to draw all people to yourself through your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Look with compassion upon your people in the Diocese of Pueblo, and send your grace upon them for revival during this time of Eucharistic Revival.  Make the upcoming Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation a privileged time of grace.


We pray especially:

  • for the members of the parish delegations and all who are attending to overcome any obstacles to their attendance and participation in the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation

  • for the members of the delegations and all who attend to have hearts that are open to encountering Jesus in the liturgies, prayers, presentations, discussions, and discernment sessions of the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation

  • for the clergy to head their delegations to the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation with an openness to the action of the Holy Spirit in their midst

  • for the main speakers at the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation, Lucas Pollice and Luis Soto, to speak what the Holy Spirit would have them say

  • for Bishop Berg to be open to the call of the Holy Spirit, and under His intercession lead us ever more deeply into Eucharistic Revival

  • for protection from anything that would distort or stand in the way of the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation bearing the fruit that God would have it bear

  • for the main discernment session of the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation, that the Holy Spirit would guide each parish delegation into a greater understanding of what God is trying to accomplish in their parish during the Eucharistic Revival and that He would guide all participants into spreading the Good News of our Eucharistic Lord as they are called

  • for the parish delegations and all who attend the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation to return to their parishes renewed, excited, and invigorated in their ministry

  • for the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation to bear good fruit in the parishes, bringing the people of the parish and community into deeper contact with Jesus in the Eucharist.


St. Thérèse, pray for us!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Come, Holy Spirit!


To register for the Diocese-wide Eucharistic Convocation, go to:

Dr. Seth Wright, Director of Missionary Discipleship

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